German Pickelhaube helmet

    A Pickelhaube, or Pickelhelm, belonging to a member of the German Army during the First World War. The helmet was mostly made of boiled and lacquered leather, polished to a bright finish and decorated with a brass regimental crest. The spike was intended to deflect sword blows.

    Webley Revolver 38-MK I

    After the escape of the Luxembourgish Grand Ducal family before the German invasion in May 1940, Prince Jean joined the British Army. At Sandhurst he received officer training at the Royal Military College. Luxembourgish volunteers of the Allied Armies gave this Revolver with engraved crown to Prince Jean after his successfull comission as a lieutnant in July 1943.

    Uniform of Prince Jean

    Her Royal Highness Prince Jean of Luxembourg fought during the 2nd World War in the Irish Amoured Guard Regiment and worn this uniform during the liberation of the Grand-Duchy in September 1944.