Visiting the MNHM is an exciting way to give the students an interesting history lesson about the Second World War.
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    The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, visit can be scheduled from 10h00-16h00
    Please be present 10 minutes before the scheduled start of   your program
    We have different pedagogical programs for students, please contact our reception for further information.
    Using war to prevent war?
    Our guided tours of 1, 1 ½ or 2 hours aim at tackling common misconceptions among youngsters about what war “really” is about, far from its glorification and aestheticization in some computer games or movies they grow up with…
    The interactive tours rely on a series of playful pedagogical methods (quizzes, riddles, observation games…) to activate the participants and engage them through critical thinking and discussion. Also, students get to touch, examine and present authentic historical artefacts used in WWII.
    We also offer the possibly of exploring outdoor locations closely linked to WWII: the memorial trails of Hoesdorf-Reisdorf or Schumannseck/Wiltz, the military cemeteries of Hamm and Sandweiler (near Luxembourg-City) or a dedicated walking tour through the town of Diekirch.